Summer Camp History

Over 100 kids attended the first QSports Multi-sports Summer Camp in 2015 while 2016, we had 200 kids in our camp. This year, QSports has partnered with Newton Schools, Al Jazeera Academy and Qatar Foundation to offer 7 unique summer camp programs to “Inspire the personal best in kids.” With a capacity to take in 300 kids per camp, we intend to elevate our camps as a platform to teach kids about life and open up the possibilities for their future.


We will strive to ensure that all campers who attend any of our camps have one of the most memorable and fun learning experiences of their lives.


About QSports: QSports is one of Qatar’s largest private recreation and sports services provider and a licensed sports centre by the Ministry of Culture & Sports. QSports also provides one-stop sports events and solutions to the corporate sector and caters to over 14,000 active members on a daily basis. More information on QSports services and activities can be found on www.qsports.qa

Our Approach
When we say we will inspire every camper’s personal best, we’re not playing around. Well, we are indeed playing!


QSports believes the power of play is one of the most effective ways to bring out each and every personal best. In our eyes, every child is different. And every “best” is well unique, too. A girl maybe a fast runner while the other boy may be brilliant at designing buildings. One water-enthusiast might master the pool, while another masters the art of reading charts. We could go on. And on. But you get it right? Summer is a time for exploration. Our experience shows that guided exploration leads to the realization of untapped passion and talent. And when that happens during the most memorable time of your child’s life when they are having fun with LEGO, playing sports, or taking field trips? Well, we believe the possibilities for the future are limitless.


Our role is to simply help campers unearth the best talents, and nurture it — so we can all watch it blossom into something incredible. And because every kid isn’t the same, our approach isn’t either. We pride ourselves on being flexible and adaptable — meeting them where they are on their journey. Passion cannot be forced out of a child. It must be awakened, and brought out naturally.